Terms & Conditions

  1. Pick up / Delivery Time: 11am - 3pm and 5pm - 10pm.
  2. Please place your order a minimum 2 hours from the preferred pick up / delivery time.
  3. Cutlery will not be provided unless requested under 'Please provide special requests (if any)' column.
  4. Kindly specify your request or dietary requirements under 'Please provide special requests (if any)' column.
  5. Upon order & payment confirmation, refund or cancellations are not allowed.
  6. Photos are for illustration reference only.
  7. Once delivered / picked up, food is best consumed immediately.
  8. For any enquiry, please call respective restaurant.
  9. By submitting details above, I give my consent to Oriental Group of Restaurants to collect, use, store and/or disclose any personal data provided by me for Oriental Group to share my data with any of its related companies or other third parties.