The Ming Room
Dim Sum Set

  • ... Takeaway Dim Sum Set RM188 (4PAX)
    RM177.36 Details
    • Dim Sum Platter (3 pcs Per Dimsum Portion)
    • ‘Siew Mai’
    • Imperial ‘Har Kau’
    • Crystal Spinach Dumpling
    • Golden Fish Ball
    • ‘Char Siew Bao’
    • Sesame Ball with Banana
    • Smoked Farm Chicken (half)
    • Steamed Rice with Wax Meat & Yam Shunde Style
  • ... Takeaway Dim Sum Set RM288 (6PAX)
    RM271.70 Details
    • Dim Sum Platter (3 pcs Per Dimsum Portion)
    • Beancurd Roll Thai Style
    • Golden Fish Ball
    • Imperial ‘Har Kau’
    • ‘Siew Mai’
    • ‘Char Siew Bao’
    • Prawns Dumpling
    • BBQ ‘Char Siew’ & Roast Duck
    • Seasonal Vegetables with Black Fungus & Chinese Wine
    • Braised Egg Noodle with ‘Soon Hock’

Set Menu

  • ... Takeaway Set RM398 (4PAX)
    RM375.47 Details
    • Soft Shell Crab In Money Bag
    • Double-Boiled Fresh Abalone Soup
    • Braised Deep-Sea Garoupa Shunde Style
    • Stir-Fried ‘Kai Lan’ with Apricot Mushroom
    • BBQ Baby Duck with Fried Glutinous Rice
  • ... Takeaway Set RM688 (6PAX)
    RM649.06 Details
    • Cuttlesh Thai Style
    • Double-Boiled Fish Maw & Shark’s Fin in Shark’s Bone Soup
    • Steamed Ocean Garoupa with Clams
    • King Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk
    • Steamed Chicken with Salt & Ginger Rice
  • ... Takeaway Set RM1080 (8PAX)
    RM1018.87 Details
    • Soft Shell Carb Garden Green Salad
    • Roast Iberico Pork Ribs with Cumin
    • Steamed Ocean Garoupa with Fresh Fish Maw & Ginger
    • Braised Whole Abalone with Beancurd
    • EE-fu Noodles & Lobster Meat with Scrambled Egg
  • ... Special Gifts for your Parents RM488 (2PAX)
    RM460.38 Details
    • Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin
    • Double-boiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup
    • Braised Whole 3 Head Abalone Traditional Style
    • Braised Longevity Noodles
    • Snow Swallow with Ginseng
  • ... Special Gifts for your Parents RM178
    RM167.92 Details
    • Famous Roast London Duck
    • The Oriental’s Premium Japanese Dried Scallop Dumpling
  • ... Parents Day Super Value Set RM498(4PAX)
    RM469.81 Details
    • Soft Shell Crab Garden Greens
    • Double-boiled Fresh Fish Maw Soup (Individual Serving)
    • Braised Whole Abalone with Japanese Mushroom Shunde Style
    • Charcoal Grilled Pork Rib Mongolian Style
    • Soy Sauce Whole Chicken
    • Fried Noodles Hokkien Style
    • Free:Longevity Piglet Bun (6 pcs)
  • ... Parents Day Super Value Set RM598(6PAX)
    RM564.15 Details
    • The Oriental’s Appetizers
    • Crispy Fish Skin
    • Master Squids
    • Chilled Cucumber in Aged Balsamic Vinegar
    • Double-boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Chicken (Individual Serving)
    • Pan-fried Fresh Water Prawn with Traditional Style
    • Fragrant Crispy Pork in Lettuce Wraps
    • Braised Egg Noodles with ‘Soon Hock’
    • Free:Longevity Piglet Bun (6 pcs)


  • ... Dim Sum Executive Lunch Bento RM38
    RM35.85 Details
    • Served with Sweet Sauce & Chili Sauce (配酱: 甜酱 &辣椒酱)
  • ... Abalone & Seafood Premium Bento RM88
    RM83.02 Details
    • Served with Pomelo Sauce (配酱: 杨枝汁)
  • ... Selected Dessert Bento RM23
    RM21.70 Details
    • Assorted Dessert (各式小美点)


  • ... The Oriental's Premium Japanese Dried Scallop Dumpling